Franchise In The Phillippines! AIE College International

Philippines Fastest Growing School Franchise! AIE College International

AIE College International

AIE College International (AIE) was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced and qualified educators and community leaders. AIE currently has 15 campuses and a faculty and administrative member of over 300 in the Philippines.

AIE is focused on providing affordable education to the millions of children, teenagers and adults in the developing and under-developed countries so they can improve their economic standards and be active contributors to their country and community.

Internationally Accredited Programs

AIE conducts 2 Year Diploma Programs and 4 Year Degree Programs for fulltime on campus studies. The Diploma programs are approved by TESDA (Technical Education School Development Authority) and the Degree programs are approved by CHED (Council of Higher Education).

Upon graduation, students would have also completed similar programs conducted by AIE students will receive Diplomas or Degrees which are issued by AIE College International.

Advantages to Students

With AIE Diploma or Degree certificates, AIE students have the great  advantage and flexibility to apply work locally for some experience and then overseas for better pay and economic future if they wish to anytime.

Advantages to Franchisees

In addition to the obvious benefits of running your own business, you will experience the personal fulfillment that comes with reaching students in need of guidance, and personally making a difference in their lives.

The biggest opportunity here is not just financial – it’s making a difference in a student’s life by helping him/her to reach his/her dream and future success.

 Combined with your personal devotion and enthusiasm, there are no limits to your success and the success of the young people that come to you for help.

The Industry

The higher education industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the most lucrative. By operating an AIE College franchise, you will be tapping into a booming sector that is just beginning to see its ultimate growth potential.

The Franchisees

We are seeking highly motivated, success-oriented individuals who share our high standards for commitment to excellence. If this sounded like you, and you want personal independence, superior earning potential, and the opportunity to provide a valuable and respected service to the community, then operating an AIE College Franchise may be right for you.


If qualified, financing is available through third-party lenders. Offered by SB Corporation.

Basic  Requirement:

  1. Open to Filipinos and foreigners, with good moral character
  2. Dedicated to help young people get quality education
  3. With financial capability to invest in a college.
  4. Open to Metro Manila and Provincial Franchise territory
  • Franchise Fee                 500T
  • Initial Term                      10 years
  • Renewal Term                  5 years
  • Renewal Fee                       none
  • Marketing collateral       P300k one time
  • Natl Advertising fee         P48k to 60k per year
  • Royalty Fee                       10%
  • Required Space                300 square meters
  • Payback period                 1 and 1/2  (1.5) years
  • TOTAL INVESTMENTS      P3.5 m  to 4.2M

Details of Total Investments–


  • Franchise Fee, P500,000
  • Marketing Collaterals, P300,000
  • Accounting/Enrolment System, P50,000
  • Permit Registration mobilization, P50,000
  • Total A: p900,000

B.  FACILITIES:  P2.70 to P3.5 Million

  •  School Facilities and Equipment
  • Site improvement:  Minimum repair
  • Pre-operating Expenses, Mktg, Promo, Permits, etc.,

For formal inquiry please email attention Lloyd or Maribel

For Further inquiry: email or Tel 09275944320 Maribel or Lloyd


Welcome to the World of School Franchise!

School Franchise or College Franchise is the new trend in business and computer education.

Asian Institute of E-Commerce Education Franchise offers businesspeople with a heart to teach students the opportunity to excel about all these areas of Information technology, students can complete a choice of Diploma in Information Technology or certificates or short course of their choice. Aside from Computer courses, the are also courses in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Health Care services or Diploma in Nursing and Business Courses.  In the Philippines school franchise is a relevant way to expand computer school to different areas where IT education is most needed.  School franchising computer technology education is a necessity to expand these knowledge. Education franchise  is the way to start IT related companies can also benefit from these. We believe that information technology is the future, and Asian Institute of E-Commerce school franchise understand the future of technology.